About Jennifer

Jennifer Kennedy is a pagan psychic medium who developed her abilities as a small child.  At the age of five she seemed to know when the phone was going to ring and would walk up to it beforehand ready to answer it.  Her first premonition dreams began around the age of eight.  She believes she developed her gifts at birth-she was a dry birth (when the amniotic sac has a tear and all of the amniotic fluid has leaked out) and her heart stopped beating.  There was not enough time to complete an emergency C-section so she was birthed via forceps and resuscitated.  She believes this near death experience is how she developed her abilities.  At the age of ten she experienced a traumatic and violent incident and her gift seemed to become enhanced shortly afterwards.  At the age of twelve she learned about ESP and psychic abilities and realized that this is what she had so she read several books about these things and started working to hone her abilities.  She has been honing them ever since.  She had her first vision when she was fifteen of a murder which appeared on the news two weeks later.  She began doing tarot readings in 1994, regularly practiced dream-walking and astral projection and discovered she was able to do remote viewing in her twenties, has been an empath her entire life but didn’t learn what it was called until her thirties, has been interested in the paranormal since she was eight when she saw her first entity, and was hobby “ghost hunting” since her teens.  She began seeking a paranormal team to join in 2012 and finally officially joined the paranormal field as a professional psychic in 2017 when she joined C&C Paranormal Investigations and then later helped form and found Paranormal Society of the Shenandoah (Paranormal SOS) in 2018.  She now leads her own team called Shenandoah Paranormal Watch.  While working with her team she also offers her psychic help to other teams and people.  Her primary goal is to help people-those who experience hauntings and the paranormal, paranormal victims and their friends & family, victims of crime, law enforcement, private investigators, paranormal teams, people who seek guidance in their lives, and those who have passed on.  She believes that she can provide knowledge that can only be seen on the other side, answers, and warnings that the average person cannot provide through her abilities consisting of clairaudience, claircognizance, clairolfaction, clairsentience, clairvoyance, mediumship, psychometry, retrocognition, remote viewing (certified), empathic, second sight, and divination.

Jennifer studied crystal gridding, crystal healing, and chakra balancing from 2019-2021 and offers these services at her store The Crystal Cat.

Jennifer has been a practicing pagan since the age of 15 and has studied paganism and the occult since then.  She’s also a demonology expert who studied under The Cajun Demonologist, Jereme Leonard (Ghosts of Morgan City, 28 Days Haunted Netflix) and provides services for the Cajun Ministry.  She also offers consulting and help in the occult, Paganism, and demonology.

Along with her multiple sixth-sense gifts Jennifer is also a cat whisperer.  She is able to read cats and has a psychic connection with them.  She is also highly knowledgeable about feline care due to her many years of work with cats in animal rescue.

Jennifer has enjoyed writing since she was a child when she wrote her first poem at the age of eight.  She has authored a novella and is working on other books to be published in the future including a collection of her poetry, prose, and photography.  She also enjoys the strange, unusual, bizarre, and true crime so much that she turned her interest into a podcast called Peculiar Finds for Curious Minds.  Episodes can be found on YouTube.

You can find all of Jennifer’s psychic services and books on this website.

Outside of her psychic and paranormal field Jennifer owns Crystal Witch Haven, a metaphysical pop up shop, an art studio called The Purple Parakeet, and is an archaeologist in training.  She enjoys gardening, cooking, baking, video games, the outdoors, animal rescue, and her pets:  cats and tropical fish.