Law Enforcement Psychic Assistance

Jennifer is available to assist law enforcement and Private Investigators for criminal investigations and testimony.  She is a trained and certified remote viewer and utilizes it as well as several different other methods to offer reading including location walk-through, psychometry (touching objects owned by the suspect and/or victim), and via photographs.  Keep in mind that a psychic can’t choose what information they receive and is not able to solve cases.  Jennifer can offer her gift as a bit of a puzzle piece of information she my receive that can be added to all other pieces of the investigation in order to aid police, detectives, and private investigators.  Jennifer keeps all information shared with her strictly confidential.

Please fill out the form below if you would like Jennifer’s help:

Please list the state where the case/location is but do not give any other details. Jennifer prefers to have no information pertaining to cases/locations before she goes to them.