Tarot, Oracle, Psychic Readings

Jennifer is a talented psychic/medium and has been honing her gift for over 30 years.  She has been doing tarot, oracle, and psychic readings for 28 years with great accuracy.  She offers these readings both live via a private Zoom session and by Email.

Why a live reading?
Live readings are done in person at via Zoom and at various psychic and paranormal conventions (follow my Facebook page for up to date information about events).  A live reading allows you to interact with Jennifer so that you can get clarification and ask questions. These readings are full, detailed readings that typically last 30 minutes. Jennifer uses a custom Rider Waite tarot deck, and multiple oracle decks.  Readings consist of multiple layouts and decks.  Book your reading now!

What is the difference between tarot and oracle cards?
Tarot decks are structured, fixed, and rooted in tradition dating back hundreds of years, possibly even thousands.  They typically have 78 cards and consist of suits with traditional meanings across all decks.  The layouts are also pretty structured and traditional.  These readings tend to be more detailed and cover a solid range of areas within the past, present, and future.

Oracle decks are more fluid and can have any number of cards from 10 to over 100, depending on the deck.  They can have many variations of meanings and layouts, and spreads, and can focus on a variety of different topics.  Every deck is different.  Every layout is different.  Every reader uses them differently.

Will my tarot/oracle/psychic reading come true?  Can I change the outcome?
It is important to note that no reading is written in stone.  The goal of a reading is not to tell the future.  It is to give you insight into your life and situations in it and show you where they might lead you.  It is up to you to take the information that the cards or runes give you and utilize it to shape your future.  It is changeable but you have to absorb, accept, and internalize the insights of the entire reading, not just the “future” message.